Team Afromaro formed in the late 90’s and first campaigned a car in 2001 with the True Street class in the Pacific Street Car Association racing series. Back then, the team was already ahead of the game with a 9 second stock suspension *street driven* 1967 Camaro when most street cars were trying to get out of the 11 second range.

Fast forward to 2012 and the Afromaro Racing Team is at it again. Like before the team is offering a 1968 RS/SS stock suspension Camaro. Like lthe last, the new car features a fully capable driver and passenger cabin complete with a CD stereo, interior and cigarette lighter but the similarities stop there. This time the team has decided they will try their hand at electronic fuel injection in the form of a Big Stuff 3 and boost by way of ATI Procharger.

The class is different as well. With advances in boost technology it has become commonplace to up the difficulty level by reducing the amount of traction in the way of smaller tires. Team Afromaro is slated to run the WCHRA, PSCA and NMCA Outlaw 8.5 racing season where participants are limited to a 26x8.5 inch slick. Sounds tough, but they are up to the challenge.

Past accomplishments for the owner of Team Afromaro, DJ Reid, include being one of the fastest 8.5 cars in the country for the 2011 season, setting the 8.5 2011 SCSN record, as well as providing crew chief responsibilities for Greg Castro in the WCHRA 2009 and 2010 racing seasons where they finished 4th place in True 10.5 and 2nd in Drag Radial.

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