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The Anatomy Of A Full Race Radial 275 Induction System

Follow along as veteran 275 Drag Radial racer D.J. Reid builds a LSX engine for his '68 supercharged Camaro. Here he sets up the Mozez heads from Mast Motorsports with Pettis Performance.


Bolt On The 21st Century: Chassisworks¿ Camaro Drag Race Clip
If you are looking to update the suspension on your first-gen Camaro or second-Gen Nova, Chris Alston's Chassisworks has a bolt-in kit for you. Get rid of the drums and shocks, and add struts and discs.


LSX Drag Radial Engine Build Part 1: The Short Block
Join us as we take an in-depth look at the build-up of 436 cubic-inch, Dart LS Next-based, supercharged bullet that's destined to power a west-coast based 275 Drag Radial Camaro.

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